Tiara Nord | JF Cook Co., Inc.
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Tiara Nord

Marketing Coordinator
About This Project

Name: Tiara Nord, Marketing Coordinator

Hobbies:  Visiting art museums, shopping in Chicago, baking, researching, collecting prints

Bio: I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a B.A. in Art History. I started at J.F. Cook in 2010, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of its evolution and growth.

Passionate About: Art, Critical Theory, Philosophy, LGBT Studies, theory of self-awareness, and…Seinfeld?

Favorite Quote: “[S]elf-formation as an ‘ethical subject’ . . . requires him to act upon himself, to monitor, test, improve, and transform himself.” – Judith Butler, Giving an Account of Oneself

Certifications: Hubspot Inbound Marketing and LGBT Studies

Customer Message: Listening is the first step to satisfying our customers. Next, we devote ourselves to giving them what they want, and need.