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Garage as the First Man Cave…but so much more

07 Aug Garage as the First Man Cave…but so much more

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Throughout history, the garage has served a variety of roles: rock band practice zone, laundry room and tool-shed.  We are all familiar of the figure of the father who tinkers around in the garage on the weekend, either making car repairs or working on some other home improvement project.

History is also replete with stories of Fortune 500 companies that got their start in garages. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Disney, Google and Harley-Davidson all began in garages.

What is it about garages that make it a welcome retreat and a fertile breeding ground for creativity that changes the world?

One theory is that physical space has social dynamics and norms that are assigned to it.  For example, the behavior that is acceptable in the bathroom would not be acceptable in the kitchen.  Without realizing it, each part of the home is has a “script” of how one is supposed to act.

This then explains the allure of the garage as a place of solitude and creativity.  The garage, like the basement and attic, exist on the physical fringes of the home.  As such, the garage is an afterthought, since it is not living space or a space where we would entertain company.

The garage represents a “blank canvas” of possibility for an individual to escape, to decompress, to think, to take risks and try to answer hard questions we all struggle with.

The garage is more than a place where you keep your car.  It represents a lifestyle, a mentality and a challenge to live life on the edge, to take risks and to make mistakes.  If we all adopt a “garage mentality” the quality of our lives would increase dramatically.  And who knows, together we might just change the world.

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